Harry Kakavas

Harry Kakavas  Australian greatest gambler Harry Kakavas was a real-estate salesman. Prior known as ‘Harry Hedges’, the man was well known successful property seller. He has earned multi-million wealth through this profession.

Kakavas in the casino industry

Kakavas is a renowned gambler. He had a history of gambling counterfoil of $1.5 billion and losses of $20.5 million by Melbourne’s Crown Casino. The casino charmed him with enthusiastic inspiration. He achieved a multi-million destiny selling abodes on the Gold Coast, Northeastern Australia. But He lost almost everything and more wealth at the casino. Kakavas spoiled a huge amount of dollars in less than half an hour.

Kakavas impression for Crown Casino

As Kakavs faced a huge loss in the casino, many peevish concepts on casino were developed in his mind. Kakavas insists that Crown invigorated him with the benefit of a private jet. He also said the casino knowingly took the chance of his pathological condition and exploited him. Albeit the Supreme Court proved that Kakavas showed himself as he had control over addiction.

Kakavas has appealed a petition against the Crown Casino

Kakavas lost $35 million cases against Melbourne’s Crown Casino. So he appealed against the casino at the High Court of Australia. The reason is associated to obtain that the casino had held the biased and unfair benefit of the opportunity built by the saviour’s special disadvantage which is a gambling problem. Kakavas jurists dispute that he was imbibed by Crown Casino. The casino also offered him residence and so-called lucky money which had made him feel an urgency to gamble. Conversely, the casino brings forth several arguments like Kakavas didn’t hold himself as a problem gambler. Kakavas demanded a refund of $20.5 million as consolation for his compensation. Eventually, the high court verified the notice by the initial judge that there is no responsibility of the casino to save gamblers from themselves.

Kakavas reverses back toward real estate

When the largest beachfront sale appeared in Mermaid Beach, the famous real estate marketer Harry Kakavas collaborated with another biggest person in a real estate sale, Luke Henderson. At that time Kakavas preached about his return to the real estate market. Both Kakavas and Henderson together sold the beach block to an investor who was a Victorian and willing to make the block as a super penthouse apartment tower. Henderson told this was the largest sale of that time. However, Kakavas continued his work for Prestige Property sales.

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